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Sensual caressing massages & spiritual sessions for women ... "Your time off ..."

Welcome to my website
I am glad that you have found here and that I soon give you one of the most beautiful massages you have ever had
I am Daniel Eder & spiritual teacher

About me
I am a very big connoisseur, love massages and that is exactly what I like to pass on. I have an extremely strong intuition & my body reacts highly sensitively to energies. My star sign is cancer and my ascendant is also cancer. I feel emotional blockages of other people when they are in my presence and can feel with my hands where they are in the body and dissolve these energies. Often, I even get information from above about what the subject is exactly. I have learned to use my body as an instrument to help people. Among other things, I offer sensual massages for women. I deal heavily with chakras & traditional yoga. I have always understood myself better with women than with men since I carry a lot of Yin energy in me. This allows me to understand women quite differently from other men and I can feel exactly what they want. Women tell me I have very gentle hands and a very nice voice :-)

Massage for Women Munich Come to relax, relax and open energy in a whole new way
I offer gentle energetic sensual massages, energy work & spiritual sessions with lots of heart only for women. The need for women for long sessions with tender & intuitive touch is great, because of partners or men this attention rarely gets, especially if one is single but also in the partnership. I've always enjoyed spoiling women without thinking of myself
First and foremost, it is about doing so that you can totally relax and come from everyday life and from the thoughts. I like to have long meetings in which you can drop yourself completely. Second, I open the energies in your body that they can distribute. These energy tracks are also known as nadis (yoga) or meridians (TCM). The free flow of energies often causes you to get new insights into the life you had not before
I deal intensively with yoga & energies. My intuition is above average. It allows me to feel where the emotions are in the body and energy blocks are solved. I feel emotions & chakras

The Massage
You can imagine the massage as hours of pleasure enjoy without having to touch a finger. You can totally let go and drop yourself. With gentle tender touches and also intensely intensified my intuitive touches can enjoy and let you fly away. From neck, back to feet, buttocks and hands, everything can be massaged and stroked as you want it most. You can also express your wishes during the massage. I have very soft and gentle hands and love to spoil you What I offer you
  • Hour-long sensual touch & massage as women otherwise rarely experience it
  • Everything flows pleasantly and you can get deep rest
  • The heart energies and other energies make up and you get better again
  • Spiritual & energetic healing

    Massage for Women Munich Who are my usual customers
  • Women who want to enjoy and want to rest
  • Women with life problems (partnership, family, profession, body etc.)
  • Women who want to be spoiled by a man without having to give back
  • Women in partnerships as well as single women
  • Women who had traumatic experiences
  • Those who are curious
  • And those who want to grow spiritually

    Daniel Eder - - Whatsapp +4917643838248 - Facebook: - Görbelmoostr. 11, 81249 München
    Invite your female friends to this page:
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